Tips For Pregnant Women Visiting The Dentist

Your dental health doesn't need to suffer while your body treats you and your family with an amazing miracle!

When you come in to our clinic, you too will experience why we get reviews from mothers-to-be just like you!

Your teeth and gums need be kept healthy during pregnancy to avoid any adverse pregnancy outcomes. Some women to find that their gums may bleed more when their pregnant, this is due to hormonal changes. Below are some tips we recommend to women before, during and after pregnancy.

Before You Are Pregnant

  • Make an appointment before getting pregnant so you can have your teeth professionally cleaned and any dental issues can be treated in advance
  • Xrays can be taken before you hear the good news to ensure nothing is left undiagnosed while pregnant
  • Let your dentist know how many weeks you are pregnant so the timing of appointments can be planned carefully. During the 1st trimester and second half of the third trimester larger dental treatment should be avoided (unless it's an emergency), as these are critical times in the baby's growth
  • Treatment can be done during the second trimester, as long as you make sure the dentist knows, so certain anaesthetics can be avoided
  • Xrays can be taken in emergencies where the dentist will use extreme caution. Xrays at Heidelberg Dentist are all digital which has made them much safer than before
  • Don’t skip your regular checkup and clean while you are pregnant as due to hormonal changes, gums can bleed easily and can put you at a higher risk for periodontal disease
  • Follow good oral hygiene during pregnancy to minimise dental problems
  • If you are suffering from morning sickness, or if your toothpaste is making you sick please let the dentist know so they can recommend alternatives
  • Sweet cravings can be common, however the more frequently you snack, the greater the chance of developing tooth decay
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet which will also help the baby's developing teeth gums and bones

After Your Pregnancy

If you did experience any oral health issues while you were pregnant, when you can see a dentist after so it can be properly managed, your hormones will still be difference straight after so you may find it doesn’t go back to normal straight away.

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