Heidelberg Dentist Is A QIP Accredited Dental Practice

At Heidelberg Dentist we are proud to have received full accreditation. The accreditation of a private dental practice is based on a set of strict National Safety and Quality Health Service (or NSQHS for short) Standards. An accredited dental practice like ours means that we comply with all of these standards, which relate to everyday practice culture and patient safety.

These standards are drawn from stringent regulatory requirements passed by both Federal and State governments. What they mean for you is that you benefit from clear and evidence-based processes, techniques and care when visiting our accredited dental practice.

Not every dental practice in Heidelberg & surrounding suburbs is QIP Accredited

In fact, very few dental practices in our area are accredited. Currently, it is not mandatory for dental practices to become accredited. Dr Tiwary and the team at Heidelberg Dentist believe that it is important to provide the best care possible and to strive for perfection in all aspects of patient care, workplace health and safety and patient happiness.

Being a QIP Accredited practice means that we value you and that our policies provide a working model to achieve and enhance best-practice in dentistry. For example, one such policy allows us to utilise scrupulously observed infection control practices whenever you visit. All staff are intimately familiar with the requirements of infection control set out by the relevant governing bodies both nationally and at state level. However, good policies are only half the battle, so we go a step further and ensure that our team receives regular training and updates in this critical area of patient care.

Accreditation also means that all staff abide by strict protocols when it comes to patient privacy and confidentiality. We also ensure that each patient receives appropriate information about the treatment they are to receive so that they can make informed decisions.

We are proud to be a QIP Accredited practice and to offer our patients the very best care in Heidelberg, Rosanna and surrounding suburbs. Call our friendly and approachable team on (03) 9459 6300 to book an appointment or find out more, or you can easily book your appointment online: