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Get the white teeth you've always wanted within your budget

At Heidelberg Dentist we offer different options to help you with your teeth whitening needs. We always ensure that only our approachable and leading dentists or hygienists administer any in-clinic teeth whitening procedure you select.

Our dentists have been specifically trained to handle and administer the chemicals used in the teeth whitening process. This ensures that your health, safety and the best possible result for the health of your teeth are our priorities.

Contrary to what you will hear from shopping mall teeth whitening salespeople, you should always have your teeth checked by a qualified dentist or hygienist to ensure that the whitening process will not do any irreversible damage to your teeth. Whitening teeth that have cavities or little enamel left will leave you with a lot of pain as the teeth may literally collapse in on themselves. Such situations almost always lead to expensive dental bills to extract those teeth and replace them with dentures or implants and crowns.

To get the shade of white you want for your teeth and to make sure you can keep your real teeth after whitening them, make an appointment to see one of our friendly dentists:
Or you can book an appointment by calling us on (03) 9459 6300 during business hours

Where Should You Start With Teeth Whitening?

With all whitening procedures you need to have an assessment for the cause of the staining and the quality of your tooth enamel. Our dentists will also inform you about any sensitivity issues you may face, given your specific circumstances.

You also need to make sure your teeth are free from cavities so that the whitening chemicals aren't used if your teeth are likely to become brittle and likely to break. Once you know that your whitening won't damage your teeth, your choices become easy.

How long does teeth whitening take to work?

Advanced teeth whitening in our clinic

In-Chair Teeth Whitening takes about 60-90 minutes and results are instant because we use the latest technology to get you the results you want. Your gums and lips are protected because the procedure is handled by leading dentists & hygienists. You should be careful of what you eat for a few days afterwards to avoid re-staining quickly.

Take-home teeth whitening

It can take up to 6 weeks for you to achieve your desired results if you prefer to use take-home whitening kits. Custom trays are made for you and a set of bleach is given to take home and wear at night for about 30-45 minutes at a time. The trays can then be used later on if you want them for fluoride or to top top up your whitening.

Teeth Whitening For Those On A Budget

For those on a budget, a 2 week non-custom tray of bleach can be bought which helps whiten your teeth by 1-2 shades. This option is great for top-ups or just mild whitening.

The biggest difference between our non-custom tooth whitening solutions and those that you will find on sale in shopping centres and on TV is that our solutions are offered to you by dentists who have assessed the health of your teeth before whitening them. This ensures that you avoid unnecessary pain and inconvenience that often results from non-dentists who sell one-size-fits-all teeth whitening solutions.

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