Dental Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is the treatment of the pulp of the tooth. The pulp contains nerves, tissue and blood vessels and many toothaches are because there is an irritation to this pulp.

Many patients shudder at the thought of a root canal, mainy because of exaggerated stories in movies or old wives' tales about how painful they are. In actual fact the root canal procedure is what actually removes the initial pain and helps you keep your natural tooth for longer.

A root canal is essentially the removal and filling of this pulp to stop any further infection. Root canal treatments generally help to remove pain, but have the added advantage of allowing you to still use the tooth as per normal.

A root canal treated tooth often needs a crown (a cover to protect the tooth) so that it doesn’t break. Root canal treatments from our friendly and caring dentists have a high success rate and as stated earlier, generally allow you to keep your natural tooth.

How do I know if I need a Root Canal?

Only a good dentist can answer this question as symptoms can vary from mild to severe. Some symptoms experienced in an infected pulp can be similar to muscle pain.

An x-ray will usually also be taken as part of the diagnostic tests to confirm your need for a root canal.

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Is it better to take the tooth out?

If the tooth is badly broken down and a final filling on top of the root filling isn’t possible, it may be better to have the tooth out and replaced. However, if the tooth is able to be filled, a good dentist will always tell you that it is better to try and keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.

How can I delay or avert a root canal treatment?

Keeping good dental health and hygiene will help safeguard you from many dental procedures. Regular cleans from your dentist will help to keep bacteria from the gums travelling to the tooth, or causing decay.

Check-ups of old fillings are also vital to ensure that they haven't cracked or been damaged. Damaged or cracked fillings are also a common cause of infections in a tooth, which ultimately necessitates a root canal.

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