Do You Suffer From Dental Phobia Or Anxiety When Visiting A Dentist?

We understand that many people are worried about pain, or even just making it through the door. This is especially prevalent in those that have had a bad experience previously as a child or even as an adult.

At Heidelberg Dentist we focus on you and we do everything possible to make you feel comfortable.

Let our friendly team know when you are making a booking if you have some anxiety and she can help give you some tips before your appointment or send you one of our special “anti anxiety kits”.

We can also organise professional help for you

Before you see our dentists, we can also organise for you to speak to a trained psychologist in our rooms. She is an expert in helping our anxious patients relax before receiving their treatment. She has helped many of our patients overcome fear and anxiety before their dental visits. Let our team know if this is something you would like to do.

Let the dentist know if you are anxious, so that they can help you through the appointment to make sure it is as pleasant as possible and help you through your stress, as often the stress of the appointment is worse than the appointment itself.

We look forward to seeing you and providing you a very comfortable dental experience.

Call us on (03) 9459 6300 or book an appointment online for a worry-free and comfortable dental treatment experience you will really appreciate:

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