9 September 2020

These are your 4 options to replace missing teeth or gaps in your smile

How to fix or replace your missing teeth

You essentially have four options to fix or replace your missing tooth/teeth:

  1. Do nothing! In some instances, it may be appropriate to leave the gap and not do any treatment. For example, if you have a lost one tooth but have all your other molars present. Especially if its not going to present an aesthetic concern. However, it is important to bear in mind that adjacent and opposing teeth are likely to shift over time; this means that the opposite side starts to take more of the chewing load which can lead to breakages, it is up to the individual and the dentist to predict the extent and impact of this as the age and health of a patient can determine the best outcome.
  2. A removable denture: this is essentially a set of false teeth (or tooth) that u take out every night. It can be be a good option if you are missing multiple teeth and/or want a cost effective option. It can also serve as a temporary or interim option until a definitive treatment is finalised. 
  3. A bridge: this is a fixed option and may be suitable for a single and or few adjacent missing teeth. Essentially, there are crowns placed on teeth on either side of the gap and ‘false’ tooth/teeth attached to these that sit in the gap.
  4. Implant: this involves surgically placing a screw in the jawbone below where the gap is, and screwing a false tooth onto it to sit in the gap. It is a popular, and often most ideal, option as it is fixed (meaning you don’t remove it routinely), generally easy to clean and maintain and, in the absence of risk factors (see your Dentist for more information) has a very good prognosis. However, it is also the most expensive.


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