23 August 2020

Straighten kids teeth without braces


Have you started worrying about your childs crooked teeth?  Did you know that crooked teeth could  indicate underlying serious health problems?  Your childs crooked teeth could lead to misaligned jaws which could lead to an array of serious health problems into adulthood.
Most parents ensure that their childrens dental habits are looked into.  Even more is that most forward thinking parents actually make sure their childs teeth and jaws are growing properly which can lead to a balanced jaw growth.  

 Crooked teeth can lead to confident issues in children and nowadays we don’t wait till the children have reached in their teens to do something about it. We have techniques and technology for as early as the age of 3 where we can help children develop better jaws, teeth and a healthier smile. 

The (BIG) side benefits are that if you take these steps now, you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars down the line and help your child get the best possible facial growth and smile.
Have you been told…
…that you should just wait until all your child’s permanent teeth have come through and THEN put braces on. However, often by this stage there has been irreversible damage that can lead to expensive surgery and the painful need to remove teeth that could have been saved.
If the cause of the crooked teeth is not addressed, placing braces on teeth could be like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic - sure they will look straight, but the delay would have done nothing to ward off impending disasters like poor sleep into adulthood, chronic pain or airway problems.
Mums and dads are often shocked when I tell them that crooked teeth are usually the result of poor oral health habits:
  •           Not swallowing properly
  •           Not breathing through the nose
  •       Not keeping the tongue in the right place

A (fun) fact: The tongue is one of the strongest muscles and can exert up to 500g of force, but it only takes 1.7 g of force to move a tooth (ie via braces)

If that surprised you:
Scientific research proves that it only takes 6 months of poor sleep to cause permanent damage, to the brain, to the heart and throughout the body.
You see, the REAL point of orthodontic treatment and braces is to give your child longer-term health benefits to improve their quality of life in adulthood. Beautiful, straight teeth are just a happy bonus!
How, you ask? Because by fixing the combined forces of the tongue, cheeks and lips, which is what orthodontic treatments correct,  you will help to minimise the chances of your child relapsing into the bad habits above.

So does my child now have these problems for life?
No, the underlying issues can be fixed. Its not always necessarily by me, but I can help with either directing you to the right place or with training the oral habits and testing out the origin of the poor sleep, mouth breathing, or misalignment of teeth.
But that’s only if you take action now, because these preventive treatments only work during certain stages in your child’s physical development.
Preventive orthodontic treatment is a combination of exercises (breathing, lips, tongue position) that corrects poor oral habits and sometimes along with the use of a removable dental device.
Its been proven preventive orthodontics are a better option in every sense for your child and your wallet.

But how do I know that my child even has these problems?
There are many signs that point to a potential problem, which may be fixed by preventive orthodontics :

  •         Mouth Breathing (Day or night)
  •         Snoring
  •         Fussy Eating (especially with certain food)
  •         Restless Sleep
  •         Bedwetting (Between the ages of 5-8+)
  •         Night terrors/Sleep talking/Sleep walking
  •         Teeth grinding in their sleep
  •         Prolonged colds or repeated ear infections
  •         Difficulty to wake up or getting tired during the day
  •         Neck pain/Back pain

I can confidently promise you that we can help. We will listen. If you tell us that your child has these symptoms you won’t be dismissed as a paranoid parent.

Why? With over 10 years experience in this field and helping hundreds of kids avoid braces and promote healthy facial growth. I have seen first hand how 3 out of 4 children have some form of malocclusion. Seeing years of consistent results (better sleep and behaviour, no need for braces) it’s clear that early intervention is the key.  Instead of waiting until all their adult teeth appear and ultimately being left with expensive and painful options (a higher chance of teeth removal or surgery) it is best that we assess children early to see if preventive orthodontics is an option.

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