24 August 2020

How to Whiten your Teeth Easily


A Simple Way to Whiten Your Yellow Teeth

If yellow teeth keep you from smiling, it can take a big hit on your confidenceWhen someone smiles, others see them as friendly, confident, positive, and interested in them. When someone hides their smile, the opposite is true.
Modern technology has made getting a bright white smile easier and faster than ever. In about one hour, you can go from hiding your smile to sporting whatever shade of white you desire. No more hiding your smile. No more missed connections. No more lost opportunities.
At Heidelberg Dentist, we offer simple, affordable teeth whitening that will help you get the pearly white smile you deserve.

How it Works

When you come into our office, we will treat you like a VIP and our teeth whitening service will leave you smiling bigger and brighter than ever before.
First, we will show you a shade guide so you can pick the shade of white you want your teeth to become. After you pick your shade, we begin with letting you know all your options onhow you can achieve the smile you want.
If its with teeth whitening then you will have a choice of a take home kit, which is customised trays and bleach you take home and apply yourself- the bleach is at a lower concentration to keep your gums and teeth safe. It can take a little longer, but is a good option if you constantly have food or drink that stain your teeth, or if you are a smoker, as you can top up whenever you want.
 In chair teeth whitening procedure we do in the dental chair using protective guards for your lips, cheeks, and tongue. We will then apply a resin barrier to your gumline. Together, these steps make sure you are completely comfortable and the teeth whitening gel only comes in contact with your teeth.
We will then begin applying the whitening gel to your teeth. For the next thirty minutes, you will relax in our pleasant office atmosphere while the gel turns your teeth whiter. We will then remove the whitening gel.
After the procedure, you will leave with your own set of at-home whitening trays and gel. Yes that’s right, we still give you a take home kit as many patients like to apply additional whitening at home or perform maintenance if their teeth start to yellow in the future. We make sure you can easily do that and give you step-by-step instructions for doing so.

Who Is It For?

At Heidelberg Dentist, we believe everyone deserves to have a bright smile. If you are over eighteen years old and have experienced yellowing of your teeth, teeth whitening services could help.  If you are under 18, we do have other options to help brighten your smile but still protect your teeth till you are old enough.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like other cosmetic procedures, your exact cost could vary depending on your specific needs. The only way to know is to have a trained professional examine your mouth.
At Heidelberg Dentist we know how important it is to understand exactly what a procedure will cost before moving forward. We will examine your mouth, answer any questions you have, and let you know exactly what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

The Next Step

If you are sick and tired of hiding your smile because your teeth are not the shade of white you desire, simply schedule your no-pressure teeth whitening consultation with one of our hygienists today.


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