23 August 2020

How to deal with Dental Anxiety


What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is the feeling of being nervous or scared of going to the dentist and/or receiving dental treatment. The severity of dental anxiety can greatly vary, from feeling mildly nervous to severe phobia. 

Why do I have dental anxiety?
People can have dental anxiety for many reasons, most commonly being negative dental experience/s in the past. These experiences may be recent or even from several/years decades ago. 
Dental anxiety may also stem from heating about others’ negative experiences, having other bad healthcare experience/s and generalized anxiety/psychological issues. 

Is dental anxiety common?
Dental anxiety is very common, affecting many people of all ages. 

How will dental anxiety affect me?
Dental anxiety can prevent you from seeking timely dental examinations and treatment.
Regular dental checkups and cleans are essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and pick up any issues (decay, gum disease etc) early so they can be treated conservatively. Without these timely dental visits, it is very likely that oral health will worsen and dental disease will progress unnoticed, and need more invasive and complex treatment. The latter often exacerbated the dental anxiety hence creating a vicious cycle.

How do I overcome dental anxiety?
The first step overcoming dental anxiety is to find a dental practitioner with whom you feel comfortable. 
Here at Heidelberg Dentist, we pride ourselves on having helped hundreds of patients overcome their dental anxiety. Together, we discuss the triggers of your anxiety and come up with a tailor made treatment plan that meets your needs and not be overwhelming. We can carry out your treatment in as few or as many appointments as you would prefer to make it as comfortable as possible. We take our time and talk you through each and every stage of treatment. Finally, we offer a variety of very effective relaxation techniques including comforting neck and back support, your choice of music and tv during treatment, and soothing essential oils. 

Although dental anxiety can be crippling, it can be completely overcome with the correct management and effective techniques. Book your appointment today and let us help you on this journey!


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