23 August 2020

How many pillows should you sleep with?

Fix your sleep, headaches & quality of sleep

Is there a possible hidden meaning behind needing more than one pillow to sleep?

Some patients truly think I am psychic, I start to bring the dental chair in the lying down position, and they keep saying they can’t go down very far. They’ll yell stop when I’m barely half way.

I stop, bring the chair up again and go- so do you sleep with 2 or 3 pillows under your head at night?

If you can’t lie down in a dental chair, then you likely cant lie down on a bed either.  If you find that lying flat on your back is uncomfortable, or you need to prop your neck up to sleep then you could have some underlying breathing issues, or silent reflux.

If there is an obstruction (large tonsils, nasal obstruction, large tongue) then when you lie down, it might be making it harder to breathe, and your brain wants to protect that airway, but making you change positions (so only allowing you to fall asleep if your airway is more open) It’s actually very clever!

You might have some serious silent reflux, and unless you’re upright it could get quite painful- again a very clever self defence mechanism.

So if you think this could be you, we can do a full assessment, and if you qualify you can do our free home sleep study. From there we may need to have an ENT check your airways to make sure everything is healthy and clear.


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