27 April 2019

What is the real cost of porcelain veneers in Thailand?

Cosmetic dentist Heidelberg, Rosanna

Veneers are a way to fix the shape and colour of your crooked and stained teeth into a stunning smile with straight teeth that you're proud of. A veneer is a thin cover for your teeth, similar to having a fake nail put on your fingers.

Veneers can be done in porcelain or in resin (white filling material). Porcelain veneers are what you see many celebrities have or what they do in the extreme makeover shows to get those amazing results in what literally seems like zero time.

Its well known that veneers are cheaper in Thailand or other popular medical tourism destinations. I often get asked why?

Dental treatment in Thailand is cheap, but what about your body?

I'll get to that shortly, but first it's important for you to appreciate that any high quality dental procedure, particularly cosmetic dental procedures takes time, both in the chair and also with the lab. Your dentist takes this time to not only give you a great looking smile, but to also ensure the right fit so that you're not in pain later.

Time is also a crucial factor in helping your body and your mouth adapt to the new fittings in your mouth. If you're forming the conclusion that this is one aspect of life that cannot be rushed, you're spot on.

One of the main issues we see with work being done on holiday (or even dental holidays), is that it gets rushed. This can lead to an improper fit, crowns or veneers falling out or, in the worst case scenario, your tooth having to be removed.

The reason dental treatment in Thailand or other popular medical tourism destinations is cheap is because of the material that's used, the cost of labour and the dedication to post-procedure care. All of these are significantly cheaper in Thailand (or other less developed countries).

Your peace of mind is important

It's worth you keeping in mind the old adage when it comes to your dental treatment: you get what you pay for.

You can get a lot of peace of mind by getting your dental work done in the country you live in. If you have a reaction or if something doesn't feel right, you can easily get it checked, fixed or even replaced without unnecessary waiting times (or an extra flight) and difficult questions that you many not be able to answer.

In some cases the overseas work done on some people has been so bad that it costs them many multiple of what they initially spent to get it fixed in Australia.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and we know that the cost will be cheaper - but at what biological cost?

If price is the only factor holding you back from getting your smile makeover at a trusted and caring dentist in Heidelberg, Melbourne, we offer interest-free dental payment plan to ease the pressure on your budget. Your treatment can also be spread out over a longer period to give your body and your wallet more time to recover.

If you have questions about any dental work done overseas, book an appointment with our caring and approachable dentists. We will be able to give you affordable options that are in line with modern treatment techniques that are considered best-practice by local dentists in Melbourne.
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