17 March 2015

Which toothbrush & toothpaste should I use?

Source: Scheumann Dental
Despite all the attempts by toothbrush manufacturers to tell us otherwise, this issue really comes down to personal preference. As long as the bristles are soft, a battery operated, manual or electric toothbrush is fine

What is important, however, is the technique used to clean your pearly whites.  Ensure that a circular motion is used to brush teeth, instead of a scrubbing action, gums, tongue and cheeks are important to clean as well.

Toothpaste: most toothpastes are quite similar. For children under 6 a kids' toothpaste is fine to use, and after this age a normal adult toothpaste will be just fine.

Contrary to the opinions of a vocal minority, it is important to ensure that every toothpaste tube used by you and your family contains fluoride. Fluoride is very helpful in building strong and durable teeth, when used every day from a young age.

Ask us for samples of a brand that is different to what you use next time you come in for a visit. :-)


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