17 March 2015

When is the right time to start taking my child to the dentist?

Caring, family dentist who is great with children

A good time to start bringing children to the dentist is when they are around 3 years old.  All their baby teeth are present by around 24-30 months and this is an ideal time to get used to the dental chair.

It's a good idea to vanquish any fears your child may have about visiting a dentist. So we advise parents to be positive, and if you have any fears of their own, to try not make them obvious as children absorb such sentiments easily.

The first visit is usually just a ride in the chair and a quick count of the teeth.  Even if you just bring your children to your own appointments, it helps take the fear out of the process and they'll be sure to get a reward from us that they can show off during the "show-and-tell" session at their school,  kindergarten or play school.

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  1. My child is about become 3 years recently and I'm planning to take her to the dentist. She is not happy to visit dentist however, I'm taking my chances to inspire to inspire her.
    Love My Teeth

  2. I've tried taking my 6 years old kid to the dentist. I wanted his decayed tooth to be removed otherwise it will spread. I promised to buy him a ball after his tooth will be removed.
    Norfolk Village Dental

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